A New Beginning by Sookz


Recently I got to photograph my good friend Nalie Agustin. I've had the priveldge of shooting most of her updated shots for her brand "Nalie". And I have to say that within this particular shoot, there was a transformation that occurred. She has fully stepped into a new life, one that is Cancer free, and living from her truth. 

You are the Magic by Sookz

Recently I got to catch up with my brotha from another motha David Lion. When I first met him we got to explore all things "magic". And in fact he helped me tap into some of my own gifts a few years back. Since then we stayed in touch, and I couldn't wait to chill and talk again. As we we're walking and talking we ended having this dialogue. Where he asked. 

"If you were to die, what would your last words be." 

I love these kinds of questions, I took a minute paused and responded. "Thank you." As I am grateful for this life, and it's lessons and gifts. 

Then I asked David the very same question, and he said. 

"I'd just leave with a laugh." 

This exactly his essence, when you meet and get to know David, he's all about fun, desire, and pursuing what brings you highest excitement. All the while inspiring and empowering others to do the same. Take a look at some shots we got from the session! 

And be sure to check him out at Livingmagic.life 

Cool Under Pressure by Sookz

Today I got to shoot Marina Ejova, who upon meeting for the first time, had a way of owning her space. Here's a look into our shots from the session. 

Content Shoot with David Boulet by Sookz

This week I met with David Boulet, who just happens to be a hypnotist, lucid dream instructor & lastly a Hip Hop artist. It was fun being able to shoot content for his multiple avenues, here's a glimpse into the variety of shots we got. 

Bossing up with Samantha Kris by Sookz

"The first step to Bossing Up is showing up. Just being present prompts you to take the first step and the next thing you know, momentum picks up and all of a sudden there's no stopping you."

- Samantha Kris 

This is exactly what I took away from last weekends shoot with Samantha Kris, typically as I go about meeting someone for the first time, there's this weird awkward phase because there is this vulnerability about getting your portrait taken, it normally takes a few shots before we can really dive deep into the stories and the vibe starts to synchronize.

However with Samantha we instantly started to find some nice shots, as she opened up about how she got into "Bossing Up" to begin with. I have to say that within this shoot, I learned quite a bit about putting yourself out there, and doing it from the heart. Be sure to check out her book "Bossing Up" to get a fresh dose of motivation & inspiration. 

Real Courage is Deep by Sookz

This week I had an opportunity to walk & talk with Amen Iseghohi found of "This by Amen" set to open soon. His positive energy and overall mission to empower is highly contagious. According to Amen: 

"I find that real courage Is deep, personal, & quiet, but yet the ones without it are the loudest" 

Once you meet him you'll feel the depth.. Here's a look into some shots from the shoot. 


Let yourself See Yourself by Sookz

Recently I got to spend a couple of hours with my good friend Nalie. I've been photographing her portraits for the past 3 years. I'll let you go ahead and follow Nalie to get an idea of her story, and please do because it's epic! All I can say is there has been an evolution as the years go by. 

This time around one of the things we realized was that being in front of a white backdrop wasn't really giving us the results we were looking for. So instead we shot close to a window, and managed to get the shots we were looking for using natural light. Quite often our shoots like most of my shoots are walk and talk, and get the shot as we go along. 

Special thank you to Espace Gris for providing the space, & to Justin Morganstein for the video, Kathy Vallee on hair & Makeup and of course Nalie. Follow them on Instagram: 

@nalieagustin @Oaktree.agency @espacegris @kathyvallee.hair.makeup.artist 

 Here's a gallery of some of the shots below. 

A Pensive Winter by Sookz

Recently I got to photograph Shabbir, initially we were going to book a studio to get some of these shots, but something inside of me told me to just go to his place and shoot. We found some cool lighting opportunities in his kitchen, which in fact was the best way to capture Shab's current essence and vibe. 

Most times you can make any location work, as long as you remember to have fun, and work with your lighting to capture the essence of someone. Being in their own space allows your subject to be more comfortable and provides a space from them to just be. 

 We call this shoot "A Pensive Winter."

Built for Winter by Sookz

Walking with Arielle was a cold experience, however her bubbly and fun vibe kept the shoot chill. I have to say my hands froze, even though it was my idea to shoot outside; Arielle inspired me to embrace the cold a little more. She is truly built for it, letting her shine guide her through the cold. 

Keep your fire within. by Sookz

Winter can seem scary to most, the cold air, the snow, the ice. But when you keep your warmth and fire burning within, you end up with shots like this. Shoutout to Sarah for putting up with the rigid temperatures up north, we got beautiful light on this day.